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Format:  100% Downloadable PDF 
Instrument:  Violin
Skill:  Complete Beginner
Type:  Song Book - 10 songs
Pages:  16
Series:  'Learn To Play The Violin' series.




Learn To Play The Violin - Song Book 1 follows on from the Violin Video Lessons 1-10, and before you go onto lesson 11 with book 2.

It contains 10 well known classical and original pieces that have been written and arranged especially to go with the Violin Video Lessons 1-10.

So, if you fancy playing a few more pieces at the level you are currently at, rather than hunt around for books that are either too hard or too easy, then this is the book for you!

The book contains 16 pages that can be printed out on single sheets, or will fit nicely printed out on both sides, the bound together as you see fit.

Pieces in this book: 

  1. Ode To Joy
  2. Country Gardens
  3. March
  4. Blue Danube
  5. Leaving For The Last Time
  6. Minuet in G
  7. Air from Water Music Suite
  8. Alla Hornpipe from Water Music Suite
  9. Frohlicher Landmann
  10. Drunken Sailor
Click HERE to watch the video demonstration that accompanies this book.


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73 Reviews

  • 5
    A Beginning Student Must Have

    Posted by Linda Goulder on 18th Dec 2020

    Learn to Play The Violin, By Allison Sparrow is a comprehensive, clear and concise; violin method of study series. Packed with valuable tips, tricks and skill building exercises, to help a beginner go from being a beginner, to becoming a proficient student.

  • 5
    Love Song Book 1

    Posted by Steven Chin on 17th Dec 2020

    Love the book. I was able to play the first song "Ode Joy" because the notes were simple enough for my level. To make it easier, I downloaded a music speed changer from Google PlayStore to slow down the music so I could follow along. So far I am having fun learning to play the songs. Alison you are awesome. Love your program. I would like to see more videos from you especially on what is a good practicing routine. Right now, my routine is 5 minutes bowing, followed by 5 minutes basic scales, then I practice your songs and learning to read the notes faster. I have wondered is there anything else I need to learn as I progress along. Maybe some bowing techniques and so on. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • 5
    I really never thought i"d ever start playing the violin well enough not to drive everyone up the Wall!!..nevermind really playing a Song!! Thanx to Alison.M.Sparrow"s step by step Lesson"s!!!..THANX Alison!!!.

    Posted by Gary Bigelow on 27th Nov 2020

    Totally PRO. Done step by step Lesson"s ..Seriously Happy about Having Alison as a Teacher!!..BRAVO Alison!!!

  • 5
    Perfect.. Just perfect..

    Posted by Rachel on 20th Oct 2020

    The song book 1 is an extremely useful book for all the beginners.. When I am practicing the pieces and watching the video that accompanies this book it's really helpful. I really don't have to worry about anything as everything from the book was explained in that video. Thank you mam so much for your effort. I could say you are the best on online and your products as well..

  • 5
    Great book with great starter pieces

    Posted by Alexander Lane on 12th Oct 2020

    I have just started playing violin after 4 years of not playing any instrument. I have not played through every piece just yet, but they all seem to scale up just enough to where when you're done with one piece the next is not too challenging, but still provide something more to work on or learn.

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by Nish Dissanayake on 5th Oct 2020

    So I have no musical background whatsoever. Always found the violin fascinating, and also relaxing to listen to. Just one of those skills that would be interesting to have! So during the COVID-19 lockdown I decided to give it a go. Following Alison's tutorials I've picked it up really easily (it takes a lot of practice and patience though as she will so often say), so decided to give this book a go. The songs in it are tailor-made for beginners so a very good starting point. I'd recommend her lessons on youtube as well as this book for anyone that is self-taught to play the violin in a professional capacity or just as a hobby. I can personally attest to how approachable the 'violin' has been made for beginners with this.

  • 5
    Song Book 1

    Posted by George Kasnic Jr on 6th Aug 2020

    Wonderful selection of pieces for a beginning violinist. This 81 year old fella is picking up the violin after a very long hiatus and I find your lessons very helpful. I wish I had access to such fine learning material when I first attempted to learn to play the violin.

  • 5
    Beginners violin music book

    Posted by ASHLEY E PICKENS on 6th Aug 2020

    Great beginner violin sheet music . Easy to follow.

  • 5
    Violin Song Book 1

    Posted by Brady Kelso on 13th Jul 2020

    Excellent array of songs for the beginning violinist. I really like the downloaded material as well as the great videos. Thanks!!

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