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Learn To Play The Piano Books 1 - 4 | COMPLETE COLLECTION (Download Only)

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    This file is a zip file and cannot be opened using an iPad. 

    Format: 100% Downloadable PDF 
    Instrument: Piano
    Skill: Complete Beginner
    Type: Tutorial & Song Book
    Pages: 7 books - 222 pages TOTAL
    Series:  'Learn To Play The Piano' series.


    Learn To Play The Piano Complete Collection

    All books are available individually:

    See individual listings for more details on each book (links above).

    You will recieve the following 7 books in the download:

    1. Learn To Play The Piano Book 1

    2. Song Book 1

    3. Learn To Play The Piano Book 2

    4. Learn To Play The Piano Book 3

    5. Song Book 3

    6. Learn To Play The Piano Book 4

    7. Song Book 4

    8. Mp3 recordings of each of the pieces in Song Book 4

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    1. Excellent for new or returning players

      I played accordion and piano as a youth, switching to guitar in my teen years. Dabbled in piano over the years, but never seriously. Now that I'm 63 and retired, I've decided to start playing piano for enjoyment again. Tried a couple of internet-based self-learning systems, and this is the best one by far that I've seen. Working my way through the last exercises in Book 1, and I can already see that my understanding of piano and playing skills are improving. I look forward to working through the whole course! on 29th Mar 2017

    2. Brilliant tuition and course

      Title says it all--i have learnt so much to date currently almost at end of Book 2----the clarity of explanation is outstanding, makes difficult concepts so easy to comprehend, amazing piano tuition, so glad I found Alisons site and you tube channel....blown away by level of teaching and course content

      on 23rd Feb 2017

    3. Creative and complete

      I started with Book 2 because I had some piano lessons as a child. My wife knows nothing about music, so I wanted her to have Book 1 for Christmas. I'm confident she will learn a lot about the piano--and music--from Alison. For Americans, as a bonus, you get to know a few British terms you ought to know, like "staves" and "quavers." on 7th Dec 2016

    4. Good steady course.

      Alison has presented a great course.

      "Easy to use.

      I love QR Scanner codes

      Making good progress
      BrianO'Loughlin Born 1936
      on 23rd Oct 2016

    5. Making Daily Progress!

      I have wanted to learn to play the piano since I was a little girl. Finally at the age of 50 having just sold my business, I have taken the summer off and put my mind to the piano! I found Alison on YouTube and I have not looked back. I love practising every day and I feel like I am making real progress. Thank you Alison, you are a fantastic teacher. on 27th Jun 2016

    6. beginner

      I have only just begun to read the books but so far so good. I Think it is very good product. The Way you explain and show how to play is very Nice and calm. That's super for me as a beginner at 55 years of age.
      on 7th Jun 2016

    7. Exceptional lessons

      Exceptional set of lessons for a beginner like me who never touched a piano is his life. Together with the online lessons it represents a great value. I'm enjoying practicing the exercises making progress each day whilst learning new theoretical things little by little. Thank you making this lessons available worldwide. on 2nd Apr 2016

    8. book 1 very clear to understand

      I am a total beginner, never played an instrument in my life & I find it is very clear to understand, it's taking me a little bit of time to use my hands together, but i'll get there, it does helps more so because you can read the book then watch the video on youtube and for me that's when it sinks in properly, i'm loving it on 2nd Apr 2016


      I have bought a number of piano lessons such as Hearandplay just chords.Pianomother which the books can be bought from the bookstall and her horrible jap squeaky voice.
      lastly Rocket piano course which is pretty good to a degree.
      Top of the range is your coarse .What I like about it its so convenient especially with my set up where I have got the combicomputer hanging above the piano both here in Durban and Port Shepstone both are touch screens and my laptop as well. If I am not sure how to play the tune right I simply watch you play the part .that I am not sure about this is very nice.
      In Durban I have a Casio WK225 which is very nice I like it very much .Down the coast I have a horrible Suzuki SS100 88 keyboard very heavy on the hands with hammer action. I only realized after I had bought it, got to get rid of it. Where as the other system you got to get the disc out and play it, which is a bother. regards Des

      on 2nd Apr 2016

    10. Phenomenal

      Thank you for this set of books. Along with your online lessons I am making steady and enjoyable progress.

      I look forward to playing alongside you in a philharmonic orchestra in the near future!

      on 22nd Mar 2016

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