I'm confident that I have already answered the majority of queries, so please read through the following questions and answers before filling out the ‘Contact Us’ form:

Q1: I purchased a book and have not yet received it?

 A: If you paid via credit card, you will have seen 3 large red arrows pointing to a link saying 'click here to download your files'. If you paid via Paypal, you will be taken back to my shop, or click the link asking to be returned to my shop, where you will see 3 large arrows pointing to a link which will start the download. If you have already navigated away from that page, then you have 2 other options in which you can retrieve the links to download your book(s):

1. Once you have paid for a book(s) you will immediately receive an email with the link to download the book(s). If you have not yet received that email, please check for your spam/junk folder. If it is not in there, then its likely you did not enter your email address correctly. In this instance, you will need to log into your account to download the book(s) - see below on how to do this.

2. Even though you may not have opened an account at the time of purchasing as you 'checked out as a guest', an account is automatically made for you. You will need to click on 'my account' at the top of my shop website, then click on 'forgot your password' and follow the steps to create a password you can remember. You will then be able to access the files from your account.

Please note: you will NOT be able to access your files if you create an account after you have purchased the books as it will be a different account to the one automatically created at the time of purchase.

If you still cannot find or access your books and have tried ALL the above and below, then please contact Alison, but only as a last and final resort.

Q2: I can't download the files or open them for some reason? 

A: Don't worry. I always make sure everyone gets their music one way or another. That could mean emailing people the files directly and making sure they can open them, but please try these first BEFORE you contact me: 

  1. If you are using a tablet and can't download them, try downloading to your computer/laptop first. You can transfer/email it to yourself from there if you want, then open on your tablet.
  2. If you can't open a PDF, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader which is available for free here. ALL my files are checked frequently to see if they are working, so I know its not a shop issue with my files.
  3. If you are having trouble opening a zipped file on Windows or a Mac, follow these steps found here.
  4. Please note that zipped files cannot be opened on an iPad - I don't know why, its an Apple thing, sorry! Please refer to number 1 above to solve this issue.

If you have tried the above and nothing works and we can't figure anything else out, I will personally send you an email with the files in. I do try to avoid doing this in the first instance because it is a little time consuming and takes me away from preparing and recording YouTube videos and working on new book material and practicing, which is how I make a living. 

Q3: How are the files delivered once they are paid for?

A: Once payment has gone through, you will see a link to click on, which will start the download. If you have navigated away from that page, my website automatically sends you an email with a link to download the PDFs and MP3s.

Please note: ALL books in my shop are 100% downloadable digital products.

Q4: I purchased a book from you but you never emailed me my files. Where are they?

A: I did email them to you. My website automatically sends you an email with a link to download the books. This happens immediately after your purchase. Please also check your spam folder. If it's not there, please log into your account as you can also download them from there.
Be sure to input your email address correctly - so many people don't and wonder where their files are!

Q5: I can't log into my account, please help!

A: Regardless of whether you opened up a shop account when purchasing a book, or checked out as a guest, my shop automatically set up an account with you so you will always have access to your books. In order to access your account (if you did not actively open one yourself) then on the main shop website, go to the top of the page and click on 'My Account'. Once there, click 'Forgot Your Password' and follow the steps to create one. You will now be able to log into your account at any time and download your books.

Q6: Will I receive hard copies of the PDF sheet music that I ordered?

A: No. Sorry, I have looked into this, but because I'm totally self funding, the cost of having my books made into physical products to ship out all over the world, would literally double the price of each book! So at this time, I sell only 100% downloadable digital products.

Q7: Can I share or distribute the files that I purchased from you?

A: Sorry no. The files are yours alone so please don't share them. I work very long and hard at writing these books specifically for you; my YouTube subscribers and home/self learners, and use the money made from these books to fund me being able to have the time to write new books or towards new equipment and future projects!

Q8: What happens if the link to the book I have purchased has expired, do I have to buy more copies?

A: No. The links to download the books once purchased, are set to expire after 3 months. This is just to protect the copyright of my books. If you have lost your copy for whatever reason and the expiry date has passed, then please fill out the contact form on the CONTACT US page and I will personally email another copy to you.

Q9: Can you make some special adjustments of the sheet music for me?

A: Yes. If you are asking for a quick, minor change that can easily be done, there will be no charge.

If you would like me to make changes such as putting music into different keys or personalising the music to your requirments, then this can be done but for a small additional fee.

Q10: Are you open to suggestions, requests, ideas?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Any suggestions on how to improve my shop, or my books, or any book/music suggestions are greatly welcomed. If you have any video requests or any other non-book/shop related requests, then please DO NOT email them here, but contact me through the comments under any of my YouTube videos.

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